The Betties

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Votes: 1,215
Southgate, MI
I'm very much my own person and try to express myself...
Votes: 979
Chicago, IL
I'm awesome.
Votes: 1,006
Andi Mae
Ann Arbor, MI
From the UP to Detroit
Votes: 1,136
Detroit, MI
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and life is a...
Votes: 1,085
Detroit, MI
I came to the States thirteen years ago from Romania, and I...
Votes: 1,621
Chesterfield, MI
"They can't scare me as long as I can scare them first..."...
Votes: 952
Detroit, MI
I’m a very outgoing person and I love to see people smile...
Votes: 933
Chesterfield, MI
I won't be content with the hand i was dealt in life, I...
Votes: 1,736
Toledo, OH
I am a student artist, most of my free time is spent...
Votes: 1,170
Bella Bathory
Chicago, IL
muse, burlesque artiste, narcissist extraordinaire
Votes: 1,073
Detroit, MI
I like to go to rock shows and dance!
Votes: 1,490
Livonia, MI
My life is music, I bought my first CD back when i was 8...
Votes: 904
Toledo, OH
I live my life like I'm an senior citizen, with out the...
Votes: 1,427
Macomb, MI
I'm a "Go Get-Her" type of person; when I want something I...
Votes: 2,114
Birmingham, MI
I am a very passionate person. I put my all into whatever...
Votes: 990
Harrison Township, MI
I love local music and hot band guys :)

Betties On Camera

JILLi rocks out to Trenchtown's Murderer during a shoot at JBTV in Chicago.

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