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I love the ladies and want to get the most out of this site. I'd like to get special access and receive special offers from Backstage Betties.
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Create an account to meet up with other models and bands in your area. You can also submit your portfolio to Backstage Betties for consideration!
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List your info on Backstage Betties and submit your merch for use in a photo set!
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Create an account to meet up with models and bands in your area. You can also submit your work for consideration to be featured on Backstage Betties.
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Showcase your venue to our members and possibly organize an event.

Why should I join as a model?

Models who love music, going to concerts, and being the muse for musicians to produce more songs. Betties receive edits from their shoots for their portfolios, keep the shirts you model, free admittance to certain shows, and networking opportunities with hard working bands and talented photographers.

Why should I join as a band?

Backstage Betties is designed to promote bands. Getting your band in front of more potential fans is the reason for the site. Yes, you can still promote, flier, network, but there's something to seeing a model rocking your band's shirt. Bands get a band profile page on the site, linking to your main website, to send some more traffic your way. Betties can also come to shows, to be the hot fan, or to help your sell merch.

Why should I join as a photographer?

Having your photos featured on Backstage Betties will put you before more potential clients, from bands to models, as well as networking with other photographers, makeup artists, and editors. Show your skills in the concert hall, on promotional shoots, and model photography. Photographers get a profile page to showcase their portfolios.

Why should I join as a location?

Locations include recording studios, practice spaces, venues, and other musician's environments. Another avenue to market what you do and how cool you look doing it. Locations get a profile on the site, link to your website, and links on each set shot in your location.