The Albums

Votes: 1,905
Crimson In Ignite The Borealis
Votes: 2,011
Lydia rocks Flight of Fire
Votes: 2,029
Laci Jo proudly rocks Short on Shame
Votes: 2,447
Stevie Ann Shows Off Chuck from Tension Head
Votes: 2,130
Anna swaggering with Swashbuckle.
Votes: 2,067
Amethyst rocks Tripp 'N' Dixie.
Votes: 2,194
Win Some Lose Some wins with Kellie Danger.
Votes: 1,945
Robyn Has Fun With Wilson.
Votes: 1,844
Phoenix's First Shoot With Electrocrush
Votes: 1,776
Leo Lyn Rocks Headlights Over Hills
Votes: 1,909
Luna Shines A Light On Hollow Drive.
Votes: 1,921
Pearl Rocks Hammer Horde
Votes: 1,748
Shae Shines With Borealis
Votes: 2,052
Emily Page In False City
Votes: 2,044
Luna Shows Off Shudder.
Votes: 1,807
Lillith Siren rocks Borealis

Betties On Camera

JILLi rocks out to Trenchtown's Murderer during a shoot at JBTV in Chicago.

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