The Bands

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Votes: 1,063
13 Lucky Bullets
Milford, MI
In The Beginning... Brothers Jay and Vince began writing music...
Votes: 936
4 Stroke
Marshall, MI
Michigan native Jim Dokurno spent years in the rhythm section of...
Votes: 912
Anew Revolution
Austin, TX
The members of Anew Revolution have been around the music industry...
Votes: 1,030
Detroit, MI
Arazi is a four-piece modern hard rock band that explores the...
Votes: 803
Ashes of Soma
Windsor, ON
Ashes of Soma is a rock band. That's obvious. Who is Ashes of Soma...
Votes: 1,894
Atom Smash
Miami, FL
ATOM SMASH (JIVE RECORDS) Sergio - Vocals Z - Lead Guitar Arnold -...
Votes: 1,202
Garden City, MI
Never limit the music. AVARICE have a passionate commitment to...
Votes: 869
Avenue Sky
Flint, MI
Avenue Sky has exerted themselves from day one with the term "Do It...
Votes: 1,011
Ballz Deluxe
Detroit, MI
Hailing from the outskirts of Detroit Rock City, Ballz Deluxe is...
Votes: 919
Bat on Fire
Detroit, MI
From the recesses surrounding Metro Detroit emerges the haunting...
Votes: 948
Detroit, MI
With their explosive debut album to be released August 17th 2010,...
Votes: 919
Before I Fall
Indianapolis, IN
Before I Fall is an Indianapolis, Indiana based metal and hardcore...
Votes: 904
Detroit, MI
Bender is a Metro-Detroit based hard rock and metal act deriving...
Votes: 1,102
Beyond All Reckoning
Grand Rapids, MI
In your face thrashing guitar and bass, galloping double bass rhythms...
Votes: 838
Black Aces
Mt. Clemens, MI
In a city where rock n’ roll has been put on the backburner for hip-...
Votes: 1,273
Black Cadillac
Chicago, IL
Style. Passion. Presence. Dedication. Black Cadillac is the...

Betties On Camera

JILLi rocks out to Trenchtown's Murderer during a shoot at JBTV in Chicago.

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Killer Recording
Killer Recording Scribble Strip Studios is a highly successful commercial recording studio based out of Ferndale, Michigan.
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