About Backstage Betties

Rock and Roll is about attitude. It isn't supposed to be pre-packaged sound-a-like product you can just select like cans of soup at the grocery store. It's supposed to be raw. Fresh. Rock and Roll is about soul, anger, joy, hate, love, freedom, and sex. Rock and Roll is about living life to the fullest with reckless abandon. It's about danger and pain and heartfelt emotion so deep it can barely be expressed except in song. Rock and Roll transcends.

Backstage Betties celebrates all that is Rock and Roll. Backstage Betties is our gift to you, the fans of Rock and Roll and all that it is. The Backstage Betties are the Muses of Rock, the inspiration for countless songs of longing, lust, and loss. They are at the core of the music, and they are to help connect you to the music and those that create it. The Betties are here to bring musicians, artists, fashionistas, and fans together to promote the sounds that unify us all.

Like our music, the Betties aren't runway models. They aren't clean-cut, elegant nymphs that would break under a strong wind. The Betties are fierce and dangerous. They are the Sirens of myth, alluring but deadly. They are Rock and Roll made manifest, and they are here for the music.

Betties On Camera

JILLi rocks out to Trenchtown's Murderer during a shoot at JBTV in Chicago.

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